Budget Legislation




Paragraph eight (Amendment: 29/10/2005-5428/1 art.) Budgets drawn up by universities, after being examined and approved by the Higher Education Council, shall be presented to the Ministry of National Education and shall be put into effect and supervised in conformity with the principles applied to central government budget.  


ARTICLE 161- The expenditure and control of the state and those of public legal entities other than state owned enterprises shall be determined by annual budgets.

(Amendment: 29/10/2005-5428/3 art.)The beginning of the fiscal year, preparation, implementation and control of central government budget shall be governed by law.

The law may prescribe special periods and procedures for investments relating to development plans, or for business and services expected to last more than one year.

No provisions other than those pertaining to the budget shall be included in the Budget Law.

ARTICLE 162- (Amendment: 29/10/2005-5428/4 art.) Council of Ministers shall submit central government budget draft law and the report containing the national budgetary estimates to Turkish Grand National Assembly at least seventy-five days before the beginning of the fiscal year.

Draft budgets and the report shall be scrutinized by the Budget Committee, which is composed of forty members. In the composition of this Committee, the proportional representation of various political party groups and independent members in the Assembly shall be taken into consideration provided that at least twenty-five seats are allocated to ruling party or parties.

Draft budget, which shall be adopted by the Budget Committee within fifty-five days, shall thereafter be debated by the Assembly and shall be finalized before the beginning of the fiscal year.

(Amendment: 29/10/2005-5428/4 art.) Members of the Turkish Grand National Assembly shall express their opinions on budgets of public administrations during the debate on each budget as a whole in Plenary Session; sections and motions for amendments shall be read out and put to the vote without any separate debate.

During debates in the Plenary Session on the draft budget laws, members of Turkish Grand National Assembly shall not make expenditure-increasing or revenue-decreasing proposals.

ARTICLE 163- (Amendment: 29/10/2005-5428/5 art.) The appropriations granted under central government budget shall indicate the ceiling of expenditure allowed. No provision shall be included in budgets regarding the fact that the ceiling of expenditure may be exceeded in pursuance of a decision of the Council of Ministers. The Council of Ministers shall not be empowered to make amendments to the budget by a decree law. In draft amendments entailing an increase in appropriations under the budget for the current fiscal year, and in draft laws and law proposals providing for additional financial burdens in the budgets for the current and following year, financial resources which would meet the stated expenditures shall be indicated.